Reach More People.

 Ask yourself how much a full page, full colour add would cost in a daily newspaper. Now ask us how little a full colour website will cost you 24/7 365 day a year.

Promoting your products to a mass Market has never been so easy and affordable.

Why Market on the Internet.

  • No other form of advertising can reach so many people and still be affordable for any business. 
  • More and more people are now gaining product and services information straight for the Internet.
  • Avoid the hit-and-miss of other forms of advertising.
  • It is the most cost effective full colour medium.
  • Your web design will increase your sales.
  • Join the Internet market and get your message across to other businesses that are as keen to succeed as yours is.


Our promise to you:

  • We'll never sell, trade or give away your contact

    information or other data.
  • We'll never spam you (or anyone else for that matter).
  • We'll never help someone else to spam you.
  • We'll help protect your personal information. With our

    Whois Privacy Service, you can keep your personal info out

    of the Whois records and away from Spammers.



Unlimited email aliases.

Allows you to create individual email forwarding addresses based on your domain. You can forward email to an scottwww webmail account or to an account you have with an external provider.

Full-Service Webmail accounts.  

With scottwww's webmail service, you have a full-service mail account based on your domain name. You can connect to your email account through your current mail software (using POP or IMAP protocols) or from one of two webmail interfaces.
scottwww's webmail service is a optional service. Webmail accounts start at only $5 per mailbox per month, and bulk discounts are available for multiple mailboxes.

Includes anti-spam measures.  

The catch-all forwarding also takes advantage of scottwww's anti-spam measures.

Ensuring your Domain's Security.  


scottwww customers can be assured that their domains are secure.


Website Maintenance.

On-going maintenance of any site is crucial. The information has to be maintained to be kept fresh and interesting. There's nothing worse than visiting a site and finding an outdated promotion or event indicating a lack of care for the site. The visitor must ask himself "How outdated is the rest of the information I'm looking at on this web site?".
Whatever your maintenance requirements, we'll be there to support your continuing needs.

5MB of free web space. 


A part of the scottwww difference that we have offered our clients from the first day we offered web hosting service is free web space with your domain. With every scottwww registration, you can host a web site up to 5MB in size, banner-free! Should you require more than 5MB of space, cost-effective hosting upgrades are available.

Supported Technologies.


Your multi-page web site can be built in HTML, images, Javascript & Flash animation. We also provide you access to cgi scripts to create a counter, a contact form that user visitors can use to email you from your site, and a moderated guest book that allows your visitors post feedback on your site. The hosting service does not provide for customer installed CGI scripts. While you can use Front Page to develop and publish your site, our hosting service does not support FP extensions